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Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Bears, More Books

Big blue bear (528x640) navy
I stayed up too late making bears and editing the current work in progress, A Silver Wolf Christmas, so instead of in running mode, which includes watering the new shrubs pronto as it’s already warm out and will be 104 degrees today, I’m trying to put up blogs and take bear pictures, this is the latest. Big Blue comes with Baby Blue, and I’m working on her now. I still need to embroider the paws on this one also.
But later. Need to write 3500 words today and tomorrow and I will have 20,000 words this week. I started on Wed, so not too shabby!
But I have a slow start today.
Hope you have a lovely Saturday!
I’m off to water before it gets too miserably hot. I do have to say that we had over 100 degrees up to around 109-110 one year for about 3 weeks with no relief, so this year really hasn’t been bad. Even though the 90s started in June, and that was a little early for us!
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diva donna said...

Not to shabby!! You've made progress. Blue is adorable. And I thought I was uncomfortable with my 75 degrees and high humidity. Have a productive day!!

Terry Spear said...

I had another black hornet in the house. Hate those things. I see them getting up under the eaves. They must be coming in through a vent. argh. I need to get some fine mesh wire and staple it over each of the vent holes. Maybe in the winter.Scorpions will come in that way too. I'll add that to the book writing and bear making list. :) 75??? That's cold! I had to open the windows because I sprayed the hornet, killing him, but the bug spray is so strong, I nearly killed myself. argh. So hot air is blowing through the house so I can breathe again. :)

diva donna said...