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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loved the Architecture in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Charlotte, NC 002 (640x427)
I love old buildings, but it was really fun to see all these beautiful new buildings–the glass, the designs, really different.
Charlotte, NC 013 (427x640)
I loved seeing the reflection of clouds in the blue glass windows. Or other buildings that were just as interesting in design.
Charlotte, NC 014 (640x482)
Charlotte, NC 003 (497x640)
I had to show that the wolves were howling with delight as they enjoyed the city just as much as I did.
westin another room (640x427) spice wolf copy
 More pictures to come!

But for now, I’ve got to get back to work! I just finished proofing The Ancient Fae audiobook and approved it, and I’m halfway done with proofing Cougar’s Mate and will send changes to the narrator. That’s 3 1/2 more hours to review. And then, it’s time to get back to A Silver Wolf Christmas.

I’ve started it two different ways. I’m not sure I like either way. The beginning is never the beginning, by the way. Oh, sure, sometimes it can be. But often I will write the beginning and decide it’s not hooky enough. That it needs more of a dramatic beginning. And so the beginning becomes the next scene. Because it’s conflictive, and good, but it just shouldn’t be that opening scene. So I need to get past the business of trying to make the best opening and just write the book.

This will make like book 61 or so, because I have others waiting in the wings that I’ve already written, and yet–sometimes, oftentimes I do the same thing each time.
If you find yourself doing this also, take heart!!! It happens!

Okay, back to listening to Cougar’s Mate. Love it! And can’t wait to share it in audiobook form!
Hope to have 3 more bears finished this week and ship off the other contest prizes on Friday.

Have a super great Tuesday!!
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diva donna said...

The Tall buildings are lovely. I don't see or hear that Howling Wolf. It must be to Hot for him. He's hiding in the shade. *laughing* poor Wolf. He needs cooler Minnesota.

Terry Spear said...

lol, you know what's weird? No bugs, and no birds. I was having fits. I saved my Call of the Cougar file, but something's wrong with my word file and it's not saving things like it's supposed to. So I should have 53,000 done and suddenly I have 51,000....thankfully, I had printed out the chapter to revise that just disappeared in the file. Really frustrating. Not sure how to fix this. It's supposed to save every minute and it's not doing it at all.