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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Raining! It's Pouring!!

We’ve soooo needed this! So yes!!!
Girlfriends Bear
Girlfriends Bear
Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear
Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear
Wizard--golden mohair bear
Wizard–golden mohair bear

Okay, I’m off to get groceries. My cupboards and fridge are bare! Sometimes I like to eat down all I have so that I can start fresh. Ever do that?

Well, it means I’ve had no taters (potatoes) for 3 days and that’s awful! Must be my Irish blood. LOL

I’m 1,000 words behind on my word count on A Silver Wolf Christmas because of critiquing so many student lessons and finishing up Jaguar Pride copyedits. Sooo, after I run errands, I’ve got to knuckle down. 60,000 is the goal for Sunday. I’m at 50,000. If I reach it, next week is 80,000 and I’m done! At least with the first draft. And that’s the most important thing! I know who done it! :) Then I can edit it to my heart’s content, but at least the story is down on paper/monitor.

It’s a super great day! It’s RAINING!!!

Have a lovely TGIF!

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diva donna said...

It's raining Cats and dogs here too!! I'm glad you're getting wet also. I hope you fill your cupboards Mother Hubbard. And get those word counts up there. And eat some Taters and Tuna.

Terry Spear said...

It's soooo hot!!! I thought with the rain it would cool things down, but by the time I got my groceries and other errands run, it was already in the 90's. Just finished critiquing lessons, didn't sleep well last night, kept trying to figure out where I was going with the story. So onward and upward, oh, and yes, I'm in heaven, taters and chicken wings. Yum. :) Glad you had rain too!!!