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Monday, September 15, 2014

Finished! A Silver Wolf Christmas! And Tomorrow: Tall, Dark and Paranormal Releases!

There’s nothing more fun than finishing a book! Then after I finished reading it and sending it off to beta readers, it was time to cut out more bear orders. Received 4 more yesterday. Somehow, I don’t think I’m getting ahead of the game!

Steampunk and Rainbow Bears in Process
Steampunk and Rainbow Bears in Process

It’s amazing what a few hours will do–turn fur into fun creations. The two on the left are finished, though I still have to embroider all their paws. But the bears and outfits are made. And here they are! The other 4 are ready with their vests in their laps and their hats in progress. Have to make new style dresses for them.  On the rainbow bears, the one is ready to be embroidered. The next needs a nose and he’s ready to be embroidered. The last needs a head, eyes, ears and a nose, and then he needs to be embroidered.

Steampunk Bear--Sold
Steampunk Bear with navy vest–Sold
steampunk bears for dani 005 (525x640)
Steampunk Bear with Tapestry Vest–Sold!
If I was only making bears, I’d have them all done by now. But my day job…and night, is writing. So I do the bears AFTER I get my writing done. Or…like yesterday while I was working on rereading A Silver Wolf Christmas for the last time, I was working on the two Steampunk bear hats at the same time. I usually don’t do that, but they’re not furry, so I could. Fur in the keyboard probably wouldn’t help my writing. :)
So next project to finish up? Call of the Cougar. If I can figure out the ending, I’ll have it made! :)
But in the meantime, I did cut out another 5 bears and they’re now in process. :) I still have more to cut out for orders. Waiting on fabric for two of them.
Okay, off to write. Oh, AND, TOMORROW is release day for TALL, DARK and Paranormal!
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I read Regency. I love it! But I don’t write it. Which is why I read it. I also love Highland stories, but only because I never see them written in the time period I write in. I don’t read werewolf books. After I wrote my first cougar book, I read a short novella that was supposed to be a cougar shifter book, but guess what? No one shifted. How can you call a book a shifter book if no one shifts???

One of the things we do as an author is make a pack with the reader. If I say it’s a wolf shifter book, I’d better show you some shifting. Into wolves! If I say it’s a medieval Highland book, I’d better show you some Highlanders in medieval times. And if I say it’s a vampire book…well, you know the drill–sharp teeth, hot and sexy (yes, my vampires are hot and sexy, not cold and dead) ….

Hope you all have a lovely Monday. I opened my blinds to get my morning blue light–remember: blue light is good for you, for your psyche, and it’s pitch black out. Somehow I will have to survive another hour or so with no blue light, orange light, or any other kind of light! Oh, yeah, I can turn on the overhead light, but what’s the fun in that?

Have a super great Monday!!! Tuesday is the big day!

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