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Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving Models and The End!

See all that grass, dead and alive?
I went out to pull grass after a thorough rainstorm, well, two, to be exact, and there the bunny  was…again. And so what could I do? But go back in and get my camera.
bunny hiding (640x427)
He was crouched down when I walked right up to him, gloves ready to start yanking out the grass and I was so surprised. *sigh*
I’ve killed off some of the grass, struggling to keep the jasmine alive and the grass dead and out of there. 
The problem with bunny models, is sometimes they….move.
grass (640x427) (2)
I actually stood right near him while he let me take more pictures of him. Cute, isn’t he? Now if only he’d eat all the grass.  :) The stuff to the right and upper top corner, that’s the jasmine and the ONLY thing supposed to be in there.
bunny on stepping stone (640x427)
The bunny is on the pavers to the left. The bird was taking a bath in the lake on my driveway after the second storm to the right. And I thought it was cute that his reflection is showing in the water. He was watching the bunny and didn’t see me at first watching him. I’d hoped I might get a reflection of the bunny in th4e water too, but not enough water, and too dark over there.
IMG_6388 (640x427)
I have finished Her Highland Hero! Did I mention that already? I will set it aside now while my critique partners review it, then revise, then reread, then send to beta readers. :)  But otherwise, I have written THE END.
I love it when that happens.
I am starting the novella soon. I need to come up with a title. I can’t start writing the story without a title. :)
The anthology is called Kissing the Highlander.
I had an idea for a story and called it the Highland Imposter, but I changed my mind about the story, so back to the title drawing board!
Hope you all have a delightful Monday!
I’m off to write…something.
her highland hero cover with title cursive copy
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diva donna said...

Cute bunny pictures, and I love the bird in the puddle. I'm glad you're getting rain. We have been getting way too much rain too. The Minnesota Rivers are flooding their banks. You'd have a field day with your camera.

Terry Spear said...

I would! There were two birds really playing in the water and I was just about to go out to pull grass. But when I got my camera, they had taken off. It's raining again. Love it. But I hope yours settles down. We just didn't get enough rain this spring.

I feel like Beatrice Potter. :)