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Friday, June 20, 2014

Dragonflies and Giant Sunflowers, Signs of Summer!

dragonfly blue big eyes copymacro3 (640x614)
A blue, blue dragonfly. It was munching on aphids on a crepe myrtle last year. I love them because they eat the varmints that eat my plants.
In A SEAL Wolf for Sale, one of the characters has an animal guide that is the dragonfly. Lots of fun.
dragonfly brown and gold
I took this picture of another yesterday when I was out watering. They love the water and when I’m watering plants, I will often have them coming to greet me and I wish I could have someone else hold the hose so I can take pictures of them. Well here is one that I kept trying to get closer to, and it kept flying off, then settling again, and then as if it knew I didn’t mean to hurt it, he came over closer to me and landed so I could get a really cool shot.
Love them.
A giant sunflowers stretching up to the blue Texas sky, towering over the cornfields even. :) Love them! I found them!
IMG_6318 (640x427)

IMG_6321 (640x616)
I wrote 6,500 words yesterday on Her Highland Hero. Only 8500 words until I have my word count. Though it will likely go longer. So I’m trying to finish it up and then I can really edit it. :)
Happy TGIF! :)
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diva donna said...

You've been a busy writer. I wore your Dragon fly necklace you gave me Yesterday.It was perfect with my outfit. I need to wait for my sunflowers.

Terry Spear said...

Love dragonflies. They are so good for the garden. Glad you enjoy your necklace. I'm still trying to figure out who done it. :)

Love the sunflowers! :)