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Friday, June 13, 2014

Before/After–the Miracle of a Little Paint

IMG_6036 (640x427)
IMG_6057 (640x427)

Or, a lot of paint. Still working on all the wrought iron as there is LOTS of it, and I can only do it when it’s not windy, but I forgot to take a picture of some of it that is finished. :) Don’t you love before and after pictures?

I’m always amazed how good a room can look with a fresh coat of paint. Like new!
Well, I did finish going over A Highland Christmas and turned it in.  Had to write a guest blog. Finished proofing The Mage of Monrovia’s audiobook, but the narrator still needs to fix an issue on one chapter. And then it’s done!

Then I spent some hours reading over Her Highland Hero as I’d printed out the pages to make changes on when we had storms and I couldn’t use the Internet/or computer.

It is hard jumping between jaguars, Highland wolves, SEAL wolves and the medieval Highlanders. :)  When I’ve been in so many different stories, it takes me a while to get back into the one I’m currently working on. So that’s what I’m going to do the rest of the night and all day tomorrow. I really want to finish this before I have to start work on A Silver Wolf Christmas and then I’ll be devoting my time to that.

So much for my word count goals. They are demolished. But I will be back on track next week. :) I still have 17,500 words to go. :)

Have you done any projects lately that were really easy fixes that so improved something that really needed some work???

Have a super love TGIF! Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th!!!

I’m taking a trip back to the past and enjoying the Highlanders all day long. :)

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diva donna said...

The Wrought Iron fence looks fabulous now. I'm can only imagine , how hard it is to switch time zones, medieval, to present from jaguar to wolves. I started off my day watering, and while eating breakfast, I was drooling over Gerard Butler on Live. All he has to do is talk. I melt. He walked in and hugged and snogged all the ladies standing in the aisles. He's looking so sexy. He just got back from Australia where he was working on a film. Looking pretty tan and fit.

Terry Spear said...

It's amazing how a little bit of paint will transform things. :)

On switching between stories, it is. I've been working on Hero all day, but I need to set it aside to work on SEAL again and then turn it in.

He's hot all right! We had storms all night and rain this morning. :) Loved it. We're getting the rains we didn't for spring. But we're getting much hotter weather this early, so doesn't bode well. :(