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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bronze Sculpture of a Woman Diving off a Building, The Oasis, Austin

diver (640x427)
This was a beautiful exhibit at The Oasis–a sculpture in motion. Loved it.
diver and vista (640x427)
And here is one that shows the vista. It was a LONG ways down.
Umlauf Sculpture Garden, little boy diving (427x640) 
At the Ulauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, the artist had a bronze statue of a little boy getting ready to dive into a pond.  So I thought it was fun to show the diving sculptures in the same blog.
I’m getting ready to send A SEAL Wolf for Sale to the last beta readers and then back to working on Her Highland Hero!
I thought I had a great idea for the anthology novella I was supposed to be working on also, but then I realized the heroine in that would die by book 7, so, hmmm, back to the drawing board. LOL
I’m also at Fresh Fiction today with another giveaway!! http://freshfiction.com/page.php?id=5970
The Facebook party was a success in terms of gaining new followers, gave away 14 ebooks, instead of 3, and had fun. One blogger/reviewer site asked me to participate in a FB party at their site on June 29, and two other blogger/reviewer sites asked to participate in the next blog tour blitz. And I received another interview request.
Okay, back to writing!!
Have a super great Sunday!

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diva donna said...

You better dive back in to writing. You seen some great Bronze's Sculptures at The Oasis. Have a fun Sunday.

Terry Spear said...

I had to get off the computer because of storms! Ack! :) I mean, I LOVE the rain, but it knocked out my electricity once, so better safe than sorry, I had to get off. I am now back on. It's sprinkling after a torrent of rain, and all is good. :)