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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Dark Fae Needs Your Vote!

Need votes for the Underdog Fae--The Dark Fae!

They're up against a bunch of really bestselling authors so she's the underdog fae. If you have a moment and want to, please vote for The Dark Fae. 


Storms are plaguing the area, so have to get off again as my electricity has gone out once and my internet twice. *sigh*

Have a delightful Tuesday!

This feels like a deliciously rainy, gloomy vampire day. Love it!



diva donna said...

I'll go vote for the Dark Fae before she causes you anymore trouble. I heard this morning that there were Tornadoes east of Houston. Hunker down in your Writing Cave. I have a Fairy Garden to decorate.

Terry Spear said...

Yeah, I know, they can be real trouble when they don't get their way. Weather has been wild. I'm off to finally write. Been gone all day trying to run errands and had lunch out. Have fun with your fairy garden!