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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Highland Book Coming! Her Highland Hero!

Please vote and have a chance to win too. You are really helping The Dark Fae to move up in the votes. She was waaaay last, and now she’s in third place but only a vote behind 2nd place! Thanks, thanks, thanks! If you have ever loved a fae, thought of a fae, been a fae, hated a fae, wanted a fae, wanted to be a fae, give her a vote, please??? The underdog is the middle dog now! Woohoo, thanks to everyone who has voted for her. http://www.parajunkee.com/2014/05/26/vote-for-your-favorite-ya-audiobook-giveaway-sultry-listeners-awards/

So in between rain showers, I ran a bunch of errands. I have a painter coming this weekend to repaint my ceilings and I had to buy spray paint to paint the wrought iron. It’s coming along nicely. But I have to share a funny.
When I’m at the checkout counter, the clerk asked, “You’re over 18, aren’t you?”
Waaaay over 18. So at first, it took me aback. I mean, really?
Then I realized what it was about. Spray paint. Kids buying it to get high on it.
I didn’t say yes. I just said with a great big smile, “Thank you for asking. I haven’t had anyone ask that in years.”
She laughed and said she asked a man that and he assured her he was 85. And told her a couple of times. LOL
So, as I was spray painting, it was windy as usual. And though the wind was blowing away from me, I kept getting whiffs of the stuff.
Soooo, will that improve my writing or not? Some of our greatest, most famous artists and writers were drug addicts and alcoholics. With my luck, I’d just be brain dead.
Back to writing and if you wanted to and hadn’t had a chance to, The Dark Fae still could use a LOT of votes.
She’s desperate, and when she’s desperate, she causes mischief for me.
Computer outages, electrical outages…oh, sure, I could blame it on the storm, but I know better.
It all has to do with the fae.
Have a super great hump day.
Over halfway done on Her Highland Hero and I’m working toward reaching 40,000 today!
her highland hero cover with title cursive3 (432x640)
A hero in a woman’s eye really isn’t about the muscle. :) Truly.
But it does make for an awfully nice cover. :)
Have a great day!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Fabulous cover, Terry!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Dawn! I was working on another, but it wasn't working out. So I started playing with this one and it was like, yes! I love it when everything comes together. The castle, the Highlands, the sexy hero and his lovely heroine dressed properly. Lots of fun! :)

diva donna said...

You don't need to get high on spray paint. You get your kicks in writing and your highs on life.

diva donna said...

You're in the lead now!!!

Terry Spear said...

Sooo true, Donna! I feel so good when I'm getting somewhere on a book, getting word count, seeing the story develop into a real book, I just have a real high. :) I tried using a face mask, but it didn't work. The spraypaint is just too fine, I guess. I wasn't upwind of it, but it circles around some.

I absolutely couldn't believe it! Most of the time, if I'm that far behind, I stay that far behind. Thanks so much for everyone voting for The Dark Fae! Talk about another high!!!