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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cover Reveal for Jaguar Pride!

Isn't he scrumptious??? Both of them!!! I love the black jaguar in the picture also. There are no such things as black cougars, but sometimes someone will say they saw one. This is definitely a black jaguar. And Huntley Anderson. JAG agent, Golden Claws. And he is teamed up with another JAG agent. They're just after poachers, but then find themselves taking care of jaguar shifter cubs, which presents a real problem. :) And Melissa isn't about to be the one holding the cubs while Huntley continues with the mission.

Lots of fun. Okay, all the guest blogs are done, the marketing stuff for A Silver Wolf Christmas is done, and today I have to spend the day working on Jaguar Pride edits. :)  And the next few days. Then I have to finish edits on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and then it's time for The Viking's Highland Lass. :)

Have a great hump day! Does Huntley look like he needs a back massage???



diva donna said...

Now that's a great Jaquar Cover!! Happy Hump Day!!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Donna, I love it! :)