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Friday, November 14, 2014

Woohoo, New Cover Reveal!

SEAL Wolf Hunting
SEAL Wolf Hunting–July 2015
Coming in July, 2015
I’m soooo excited about this cover. It has lots of energy, don’t you think? Love colors, the wolf, the hero.
Texas Sunset
Texas Sunset

Have you ever been in a rush, and goofed? Well, I was trying to get a picture of another finished Steampunk Bear for an order and the sun was setting, fast, and I forgot to put her Steampunk watch on. So I have to wait for the sun to rise this morning so I can take her picture, again. So the sun just rose, but it’s still fairly dark out. I’ll show her off tomorrow, maybe with another couple of bears if I have time to finish them.

And more finished bears. I really have been working.
Mink Bear
Mink Bear
Rainbow Fairiechick Bear
Rainbow Fairiechick Bear
Red Dragon Bear--Sold out!
Red Dragon Bear–Sold out!

I finished her and she’s ready to ship, and I finished another bear’s paws, and half of another bear’s paws last night for a 4 bear order. But the one has to have a tutu. I’ve made them before, but I wanted to see if they had some other fun techniques to make them, and voila, I LOVE the Internet. All kinds of sites showing how to make one in a fun way.

I turned in A Silver Wolf Christmas, and I’m now rereading Kiss of the Vampire, YA, since I have to update  the cover as soon as I get the finalized one back from the cover artist.

And I’m going to reread The Vampire…In My Dreams and I’ve been reformatting it so that I can republish it.

And I’m still working with the last beta reader on Call of the Cougar.

I hope to finish 2-3 bears today, and finish reading Kiss of the Vampire. 

What a great, cold day! Happy TGIF!

Don’t you love the new cover???

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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diva donna said...

LOVE the new cover. And all the bears. I'm glad the cold hasn't stopped you from getting out and about. I'm jealous, that you can take pictures of your bears outside in green grass. I wish I could see my grass. These bears look so warm. Every think of making a Winter Bear? A White Bear? LOL!!!

Terry Spear said...

I do too. Hot, hot. It's freezing out! I've had my heat on high. Yeah, and the shrubs are evergreen. I do have a brand new white fur. I can't make it up until I've finished all my orders, though. Have 6 left to do. :)