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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Before! After! Renovating with Tile!

35-year old stained carpeting
35-year old stained carpeting
new tile in living area New tile 001 (427x640) New tile 002 (640x427) New tile 003 (640x427) New tile 004 (427x640)
Still have some work to do today, then cleaning.

I have 21 bears made up, just need to do the finishing embroidery work, etc. And one in progress, another needs to be cut out, but made up the dragon cloak. 

And I got edits back on A SEAL Wolf Hunting. Editor loved it! So just need to add a few more details on a couple of things, and then I’ve got to turn it back in pronto. Waiting on one more Silver Wolf Christmas beta read, then can turn it in. And one more Call of the Cougar beta read, and can publish. And two audiobooks waiting for review–Huntress for Hire and Her Highland Hero. *sigh*
So far the schedule for the first of the new books is: SEAL Wolf Diving, Feb 2016, She-Wolf Leader (titles to change btw), Jun 2016, and Jaguar Jingle Bells, Oct 2016, and Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, Feb 2017

And it’s 38 degrees this morning!! It’s cold, but I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s going to be a high of 65 today. That’s the lowest we’ve been this fall. Tomorrow, back to 73 degrees and then 78 the next day.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!! After he’s finished with projects today, I’m going to be doing a lot of cleaning. Dust everywhere. And I’ll be redecorating a bit later. I moved a big cabinet to another location, and so it freed up a wall and need to do something else there.

So what do you think?

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diva donna said...

It looks Marvelous!! And with all that tile. You better wear warm socks. It sounds like a Minnesota Day in Texas. We beat yah. It's 27 degree here. With a high of 46. I turned the heat on. I think you have a lot to keep you out of trouble until 2017.

Terry Spear said...

lol, you're so funny. Yeah, warm boot slippers on today. :) No flip flops. :)