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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Beware!! April Fool’s Day!! All Fool’s Day!!

In one of my fae stories, I talk about April Fool’s Day and some of the outrageous things people have been doing for centuries to play jokes on their friends, family, and society in general. The fae were known to be tricksters, and so they loved to play tricks on the humans. But they also do so with their own kind.

What you need is to be cognizant that it’s going on TODAY. That if someone does it tomorrow, they are the fool. And that if you don’t get them first, they will get you.

My dad, historically, got flies in his food at restaurants. In his drinks. In a hamburger once, and when he opened it up to add ketchup, yep, extra protein. Now, when he was starving in a POW camp in Germany and eating wormy potatoes, the extra worms could be important nutrition. But not any longer.

So we got some plastic ice cubes filled with water and the usual: a nail, a fly, etc.

He got the fly ice cube. It’s hot in Florida, so we all drank water with ice cubes and of course he swore. He said that was because of the army. He was in the AF, but he enlisted in the army first. I was in the army, so he always said that anything bad he learned, it was because of the army.

My dad had a great sense of humor. So it was fun teasing him. He was a great tease back.

But you have to be REALLY careful, and only joke about stuff that would be so unreal, no one would fall for it. Then when they do, gotcha. But if it’s something that no one would realize it wasn’t true, then well, it won’t work.

So one year on my blog I said: I QUIT.

I had so many fans get upset thinking I was quitting writing. I figured NO one would believe me.


So even when you figure no one will believe you–I have deadlines up to a gazillion, sometimes it won’t work. And it can’t be upsetting, even if you believe NO one would believe you, because it makes an impact anyway. Like–an alligator ate my neighbor’s dog. Well, first, my neighbor doesn’t have a dog and second, I live in Central Texas and we have NO alligators, except at the zoo, and if they ever escaped, they’d never make it this far. I could say I gained 150 pounds last night after eating a whole package of brussel sprouts. No way could anyone believe that. :) And that’s no fun!

So instead of making something up, I just thought I’d share about April Fool’s Day, and not try to tease you.

On April 1, 1698, a lot of people were fooled into going to see the lions being washed at the Tower of London. So April Fool’s Day has been going on for a long time.

Okay, got to get off and write. I’m so close to the end, but still need to write several more scenes before I’m at the end.

Here’s Max all pink chalked up to be ready for Easter and putting out Easter eggs for the kids. He really doesn’t mind being all pink. Really. Even my dad wore pink shirts.

Pink Max

Of course, no way am I taking him to obedience training like this.
Have a great hump day!!!

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