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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Picture Bloopers with Pets

Don’t you love bloopers? I thought it would be fun to show a couple of the Christmas pictures that didn’t turn out and a couple that did.
Puppies a Blur
Puppies a Blur
Squirmy Corgis
Squirmy Corgis
Christmas, Luna and Tanner 041 (640x427) (2)
To better. In the shot with the corgis, I think I had my puppies in the bedroom, which was why both were looking that way and not at the camera. Oh, well, at least they weren’t blurs.
Christmas, Luna and Tanner 024 (640x427)Christmas, Luna and Tanner 036 (640x427) (2)
And there you have it!  Lots of bloopers and a few nice shots. I might have to include some of this stuff in a story. I actually have a lot of “real” life stuff in my stories, no matter how imaginary they may be.

So, are you doing anything fun today? I’ve been awake since 3, up since 4, so doing anything exciting beyond writing this blog just wears me out thinking about it. :) The audiobook for Call of the Cougar came back last night, so I might start proofing it today.

What about you? Have any plans? Eat special dishes? Black eyed peas? I’m having stuffed bell peppers since I bought them for when my daughter and SIL were here and we didn’t eat them. So that’s on the menu. :)

Happy New Year’s!!!

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diva donna said...

Cute puppy bloopers. Today it's Gopher vs. Missouri Football, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Taco dip, Bacon,Wrapped Brown Sugar Lil'l Smokies, Shrimp dip.

Terry Spear said...

Sound like you're going to have a fun day. :) Enjoy the game and enjoy the treats!!

I'm just now eating my stuffed bell pepper and baked potato. :)