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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

I was surprised when I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader and my troop didn't know the meaning of the 4th of July. So we did a study unit on what it was all about.
Then years later when my son was in college, taking a first year American history class, the teacher was mentioning Independence Day and one girl raised her hand and said, "Cool that it happened on a holiday."
This was foooor real. Really. Truly. Real.
I would have felt sorry for her had I been there, except that it's really sad. Really. Seriously. What are we teaching our kids anyway?
Okay, so it's also really, really funny. Too.
Hey, I don't need to make up stories. It's all just...out there.

Back to writing! What? You think I'm off to celebrate??
I am, when I write. :)

Oh, and take pictures. This is a baby bunny. Isn't he adorable? And a dragonfly on a pyracantha that was blowing hard in the wind, and the dragonfly was flapping his wings like crazy, so I was surprised to see such a clear picture of him. And then 2nd one shows: Look who's coming to dinner! Yep, a 2nd one! 

 Have a lovely weekend!
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diva donna said...

That's a sad but true story. I'm glad my Grandkids know the truth. If I asked my youngest. I hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And then she say. Didn't you know that YaYa. Cute pics.

Terry Spear said...

Good, Donna! It's not the school's fault if the kids are little, but you'd think that the parents would tell their kids. Still, if the woman in my son's class had kids, she'd tell them that Independence Day was on the holiday, isn't that cool? LOL