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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Garden Arbor

I love this garden arbor with a glimpse of what lies beyond, a sitting area, perfect for a spring day. :)

A really simple garden structure that just adds to the garden. 

Both are at the Arboretum in Waco.
Ah, yes, the bridge that leads to another arbor. I had a little wooden bridge but it's all gone now.

I had an arbor at my other house, but I'd cemented it in, or I would have taken it with me. It was beautiful, ornate, wrought iron. The building supply store was going out of business so I got it half off. :)

I'm back home from Chicago, so now it's time to finish writing A SEAL Wolf for Sale!

Hope you all are having nicer weather now.

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Savannah Rose said...

We've been trying to design a backyard that is interesting and inviting. Our backyard was a blank slate when we moved to our new home almost 2 years ago. An arbor would be just the right thing to add.

Terry Spear said...

They are, Savannah! Just a nice little addition that adds something to the scene. :) Flowers and shrubs and trees are great. But sometimes a little bit of structure really adds. :)