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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Playing Around...

I'm not ADD, really.

But I do tend to get distracted by... things. Whether it's a beautiful sunset, the roadrunner paying a visit, or another idea... it happens.

However, I do get stuff done. Maybe not the vacuuming, there's only so much time in the day, you know. :)

I am working on Jaguar Pride! 62,000 words done, 18,000 to go! Two thousand to write today.

But I was also adding a slideshow of book cover pictures to the website. Poor thing looked lopsided. And I thought I should be adding my sale price on Taming the Wild Highlander. And I need to add my boxed set as a new release to the front page also. Stuff like that keeps coming to mind.

And I proofed the final copy of Hawk Fae for print, and so I'm just waiting for it to go through review and then I can approve it for sale. :)

So I am really getting tons of stuff done. It's a good year all in 19 days. :)

But... I'm running out of food again.

Oh, and I just got a Campbell bear order, so need to finish making that up.

And I need to make up the raffle baskets for RT. They have to be done by Feb 1.

But you know, I have a real hankering to go to the zoo. So if I can tear myself away from Jaguar Pride for a day, tomorrow, it's supposed to be 72 out and I'm going to run errands and then go to the zoo. :)

What about you? Have any fun plans for today or tomorrow or the rest of the week?

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diva donna said...

I'm glad you're playing around and working too. So go to the Zoo. I know you need too. Today we wanted to check out the new Pizzeria Pezzo uptown for Coal Fired Pizza for Lunch, but after checking the hours online. We find it opens at 4PM. So we chose someplace else. And it's Football playoffs today. I need my fill of men in tight pants grabbing their balls and running full speed ahead. Have a fun day. Maybe you can run down to Goodman's the Best Chicken Fried Steak place in Texas for a snack. LOL

Terry Spear said...

LOL, well, the pizza sounds like fun! I'm not feeling well. Maybe my orange juice expired. *sigh*Definitely planning to go to the zoo tomorrow. :)

diva donna said...

Sorry, to hear you're not feeling well. How old is that Juice girl? Take Care.

Terry Spear said...

Only 5 days expired. :)