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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm Discombobulated!

 First, I'm getting tons done. Right?

And I just finished Jaguar Pride!!! I'm still editing and halfway done with that, but I wrote THE END!

But a short while ago, my microwave went out on me, and then my desktop computer, and then now one of my little floor heaters. Three's a charm, right? No more for a while, right?

So, I need to type up a label to ship off this bear:

Campbell Clan Bear is done!
And since my computer is capoot,  I have to hook up my laptop to my printer. That means moving things all over the place, and so after I print out the label, I'm looking for my bills to write the checks. Can't find them. Two little postcard type bills--for water and one for garbage. Nowhere. I had put them on my desk. Look under everything. Nowhere. They've disappeared.

You know, I wrote Hawk Fae so the fae would be satisfied. But nooooo, that's not enough. So I unhook my laptop and sit back on the couch to do blogs. Wait, forgot my mouse pad (told you I'm discombobulated when I have to keep moving everything around) and there under that mouse pad were the 2 bills.

Ohmigosh, I thought I was going to have to clean the house! That's what I do when I can't find something. :)

 Not that I'm ignoring the household mess--I WILL clean as soon as I finish Jaguar Pride and the 13 blogs I have to do for the blog tour in March, which have to be done in the next couple of weeks. Plus, I need to get the RT baskets ready, take pictures and do a write up for RT.

And I need to ship off the bear this morning, along with the now found bills! Before I lose anything more. :)


 Do you find things go missing right before your very eyes??? I had moved EVERYTHING on the desk, looking for them. I knew I had put them on the desk. Except for the mouse pad. I never thought to look under it. LOL

Have a super great Saturday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


diva donna said...

Seems to me discombobulated isn't accurate. Maybe you have too many birds on your brain. And from the sounds of your continued misfortunes . You haven't pleased the fae enough. Better think of a better peace offering. It's only 3 degrees. So I must have Pi$$ed off Jack Frost. How do I please that guy?

Terry Spear said...

LOL, I hated not being able to reply to all your witticisms. You are in trouble. If I have to deal with the fae, you have to deal with Jack Frost. Sorry. LOL