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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Giveaway on My Birthday!!!!

It's my birthday! So I want to thank readers with a giveaway or two.

Tell me which book you liked best and why!

I'll be selecting 5 winners by Sunday, winner's choice of book!

Okay, off to write. It's my late night at work, so much for a birthday present, so I'll select prize winners on Sunday, which means commenters have until Sunday to comment on this post.

We've had storms that knocked out my Internet earlier, so trying to get this posted before I have trouble again! 

Have a lovely day!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


Book Lovin Mamas said...

Happy Birthday, Terry!! =) I hope you have a terrific birthday.

My fave book is Dreaming of the Wolf because I fell in love with Jake Silver. When he was introduced in "Destiny of the Wolf", I became fascinated with him. A strong, sexy alpha male. Yum! He also stole my heart because he's a photographer and loves taking photos of flowers. =) *sigh* Now I may have to re-read this book to get my fix of Jake again. It also doesn't help with the beautiful cover. =) Pickyme is one of my FAVE designers.

mrspapillion (at) gmail (dot) com

Heather said...

Have a very Happy Birthday! I hope the storms don't give you anymore trouble :)

Heart of the Highland Wolf is my favorite book of your's because it is the first one I have read. It's one of my all time favorite books because there is so much to it. It was many genres brilliantly blended into an amazing story with fascinating characters :)

cinful1121 said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm a newer fan and have only read A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing but I really liked it and will be reading more for sure.
Thanks for giving presents on your day ;D

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, FranJessca! I have to say that Jake has always been fun for me. I'm working on Tom's story too. Younger brothers always have so much to prove to older brothers. Although, Duncan in A Howl for a Highlander holds his own too! :) Pickyme is a wonderful cover designer. I love Jake in Dreaming. He's gorgeous! Thanks so much for spreading the word about the party, too.

We're having chocolate cake, chocolate mint ice cream, chocolate mints...you know, the works. And we can eat it all day long. Yum!

Thanks, Heather! The storms haven't knocked out my electricity yet, so I'm doing good! The Internet is iffy...which is a real nuisance!!!

Thanks on Heart of the Highland Wolf! When my editor asked what else I wanted to write, I told her Highland wolf stories. I have roots in Scotland, Ireland and Wales and I LOVE the old world feel, the castles, the kilts. Yum. So I had to write the next one, and have another couple on the way involving the MacNeill brothers! Hope you enjoy them just as much!!! :)

Terry Spear said...

Cindi, thanks for liking SEAL! It was so popular that my editor asked me to pitch for a Christmas SEAL story, which I'm working on now! :) It's been fun working on series within a series. The Oregon Coast wolf pack (SEALs), the Silver wolf pack (Colorado, Silver Town), the Highland Wolf pack, and the others!

It would be fun to go back to the original book in the series, Heart of the Wolf's pack, and Legend of the White Wolf, for the newly arrived Arctic wolves. :)

LS said...

I have never read your books but would love to, I would love to read the Seal in Wolf's Clothing. I love finding new authors

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, LS! I love finding new authors also! And then I'm on the hunt for every book they've ever written! :)

Cathy Matkovic said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Terry!

Guess my fav book would be "Legend of the White Wolf"-it was the first book of yours I read. The cover caught my eye in the bookstore and I was hooked once I started to read!

Have to say, looking forward to your Jaguar series too!

Happy Birthday! Terry, I'd sing but we don't want the wolves to start howling this early in the day!


Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Cat! That's great that you loved Legend! I'd still love to do another couple of books about the PIs turned Arctic wolf! :) As to setting the wolves to howling? Anytime works for them, and for me! :) Thanks again!

diva donna said...

TERRY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my FRIEND and WOLF GODDESS. And soon to be Jaguar Priestess. That's too hard!! I love them all coast to coast. And across the oceans. You already know that Darien Silver was the first wolf to lead me astray from the moment our eyes met and he bared his body and canines. And then he howled. I knew I couldn't be satisfied by ordinary men ever again. I'm looking forward to your further adventures.

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really good day and that the power stays on.

I'm rather new to you as well. A SEAL IN WOLF's CLOTHING :)! Very happy to hear that you're working on a Christmas SEAL story. I am also very interested in the Jaguar series.

Have a wonderful day!

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Donna, I know you're hooked on the Silver brothers and Darien's mate just better watch out when you're around!!! :) Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!!! Got to run to work, storms kept me off for the last hour or so, and they're still booming overhead!!!

Thanks so much, Victoria! I'm thrilled you loved SEAL! They're running around doing their SEAL thing in the jungle. Wonder if they'll run into any big cats while they're there??? Never know. Cats and dog fights. Or maybe they'll be like my cats and dogs and love one another....hmm, seems there's a song like that...

Off to work! Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birtthday Terry! I hope you get to go out and do something fun today. Maybe someone will send you a male stripper-gram to your work. Maybe he'll be dressed as a wolf....
I would like to enter your contest to win a book.
I would absolutely love to win a Seal in Wolf's because I've been to Walmart and Kmart, both are sold out. I really really would love to read it. I've heard things about it which make me sure I'll love it.
Have a great day Terry,

Karen E. M. Henry said...

Happy Birthday Terry!
Mine is Heart of the Wolf...it's my 1st Terry Spear novel and I love powerful women who make their own choices of mates...no matter how much a guy snarls! :)

(that and my kid tells me his "spirit animal" is the wolf...so was able to read your boook uninterupted!).
Have a great birthday


Lorene said...

Happy Birthday Terry!! I'm new to you as well, as you know, and I've only finished Heart of the Wolf so far. But I loved it. I loved Devlyn and Bella. I have a few more waiting for me to enjoy. I would love to win a book, as well. I'm dying to read A Seal in Wolf's Clothing and Heart of the Highland Wolf...but need to get To Tempt The Wolf first. (Right?)

It looks like were 'sister Gemini's'...my b'day is this Tuesday, June 5th!!

Have a wonderful rest of your Birthday and stay dry!! ooxx

Lorene said...

P.S. Just wanted to say...That's pretty cool of you to give away presents on your Birthday! I love backwards day! hehe Cheers to you! xxoo

Stacey Brutger said...

Happy Birthday!!
I hope you do something fun!

I'm guilty of only reading one of your books so far, but I did buy A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing a few weeks ago when it first came out.

Breila said...

Happy birthday! I too have only read A Seal in Wolf's Clothing and loved every bit of it!


Terry Spear said...

Omigosh, Bonnie, that's great! I mean, that the book sold out! Woohoo! A male stripper that turns into a wolf would work. :) Oh, I'm sure you'll love Finn and Meara. Hot! :) Thanks so much!!!

Karen, that is too cute. My son was afraid of wolves after seeing an animated movie where the wolf came out of the dark forest snarling when he was little. LOL I'm glad you loved Heart of the Wolf. One of these days I'd love to revisit their pack. I actually started a story about them. But I might have lost in a computer crash. :(

Oh, yes, we're twins, Lorene! Yes, read To Tempt the Wolf before you read A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing. All the books are stand alones, but if you read To Tempt, you'll get a better background for several of the characters in the pack. :) Backward's day, eh? I like that! Next year I'll have to call it that!

Hi, Stacey and Breila! I'm thrilled that SEAL caught your attention and that you enjoyed it!!! I hope you get a chance to read some of the rest of the wolves' stories!

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Seal in Wolf's Clothing, as I haven;t read it yet. Read your others already. Happy birthday--party like it's 2012.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Pamela!!! Both my kids sent cards gifts late, so I'm going to be celebrating for a while. LOL!

Elf2060 said...

Feliz cumpleanos! Hope you had a great day!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Elf! I'm going to make it my birthday day on Saturday--off to see a movie! :)