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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Zooman Thompson!

Okay, if you've read Heart of the Wolf and Seduced by the Wolf, Zooman Thompson gets into the act, and here, Donna discovered him playing with red wolf pups (from Seduced by the Wolf...it's all about red wolves and partly based on a true story)...

And here...there may have to be something in a jaguar book about Zooman Thompson!

Thanks to Donna for sending me these pictures. She says he goes by another name, but don't believe it. That's his alias!

Who says jaguar shifters can't be cuddly? :)


My publisher for the Highland historicals has found a wonderful reader for The Accidental Highland Hero! I love her Scottish accent and the way she reads the story....so hoping we can get her to read for both the Highland books. They'll be in audio then too. Woohoo!

Okay, off to an early morning meeting.

We had violent storms last night, tornadoes tore through Dallas just an hour and a half north of us. We had a lot of hail.

Have a wonderful Hump Day!!!

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Jessica said...

I saw the mess the winds left in Dallas. I'm glad to know all you got was hail. That's bad enough. Take care Terry, we care.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Jessica! Yeah, I saw the pictures this morning, couldn't believe how a house would be standing, the one next to it destroyed...or a car crushed and the rest not a touch of damage. It's so bizarre.

diva donna said...

I'm so relieved too, that you were spared the violence of Mother Nature's wrath. I feel so bad for the folks in the storm ravaged places. And I glad that you only heard the Tap, tap, tap, clink of the hail instead of the having the roof lifting winds. I understood after reading those earlier books while Zooman Thompson goes by a alias. And he really has earned some claws and stripes down his back. And if he startes to shift someday into a furry spotted or rosetted coat. I'd scream with delight. I'm bad.

Terry Spear said...

It looked really bad when I was at work. Our storm alert was going off all day. Glad it was just heavy rains, wind, and quarter sized hail.

LOL, too funny, about Zooman Thompson! You are bad. In a good way!