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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Wear...

I'm still trying to figure out what to wear for the TV interview and discovered: I like prints. Which is a no-no for the camera. LOL

Now, if he could go in my place, no one would even notice what he had to say, you think?

Have a super wonderful Happy Hump Day!

I'm off to figure out clothes some more. *sigh*

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diva donna said...

You look lovely in teals. It compliments your hair and skin colors. But I'm sure you look great in whatever you choose Wolf Goddess. If you're going for the sexy look. Unbutton a few buttons. Don't go overboard. LOL

Jessica said...

I wonder if Studmuffin there would believe me if I told him I was Elena?

Donna is right, teal would look lovely on you! Good luck with the interview. Don't forget to give your books a plug!

Lorene said...

Ohh my Terry. And once again you make me start my day with a smile. He is my favorite Vamp!! (ok, I like Eric, too) but Damon's eye's just mesmerize!! Will your interview air on TV? If so, where? I'd love to watch. I think you'll look great in anything you choose to wear. Love teal with your blond hair. Being a sister 'blond' tho, lol... I love red. Good luck with your interview! xxoo

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Donna! You are too funny! It's going to be tomorrow, so I'm running to the mall tonight to see if I can find something that is not black, not white, not red, not sparkly, not shiny, not print, not....they said, Plain Jane...not me. LOL

Jessica, thanks so much! Oh, yeah, I'm sure you could say that was your name. Just bare your teeth with a wicked, sexy smile and you'll have him begging for more. LOL!

Lorene, he is a darling, isn't he? It's going to be on the local city channel. It might have a link to it I can share. If so, I'll do that! I'll see if I can find teal... :) I hope I don't stumble too much. Today was a dry run for me.

Savannah Chase said...

Love the pic...Hotness..Good luck with the interview...

Breila said...

I just started watching TVD on netflix (after I got told it was on there) not because everyone was recamending it but because of a game on FB that's based on the show... ~_~