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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reading is Sexy

Yeah. :) He's reading Heart of the Wolf, but frowning when they are in a real pickle of a mess.

He's pretending to read an Army manual, but hidden inside is A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing, just to see how Finn worked at it to get the girl.

Cpt Picard...yep, not only is he reading Heart of the Highland Wolf, behind the facade of another book, he's wearing pink...he's too cool. I wonder if this was from a holograph world in Star Trek! Even the sexiest of men, who have galaxies to conquer, take a break to read!

Okay, no book. He's lost the copy of Seduced by the Wolf and he's not happy about it. That's the problem with not having a book to read when you want to read it. Makes you really grumpy.

But even so, he's darned sexy!

Wouldn't you love to curl up with one of these guys, all of these guys, and share a book or two with them?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


Jessica said...

Grumpy or not, the dude is hot stuf!!!! I will be happy to share any and all Terry Spear Highland Wolf books with him.

Yes, I would share a book, meal, bed with all of the above! *sigh* nice dreams tonight!

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Jessica! Yeah. And see, then after they read some of the scenes, they might want to try them out...with you! :)

diva donna said...

I'd say the big bad wolf is trying to read the telaprompter and doesn't like the idea he again loses out to those 2 cold blooded vampires. He's a sexy hot blooded wolf who lives and breathes in fresh air and plays in the sun, and could tear those two walking dead to pieces if they would just give him the cue. I think I've been reading too many books and watching too much TV. NOT!!

Terry Spear said...

Huh??? LOL, Donna! I want whatever you're having for breakfast this morning!

CaliGirlNat said...

Holy Cripes...Joe is just too darned s e x y!!! All of the guys here could keep me warm on a cold winter night...or release some steam on a hot summer night! lol But that Joe, man...he's really hot!! (is that Jensen Ackles from Supernatural in the first photo?) Yummmm!

Terry Spear said...

I so agree! Not sure who the man is, but he's definitely hot too!

Savannah Chase said...

Oh it is very sexy...I shall take one of each hunk

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Savannah, you can't eat...I mean, have just one, can you? Then the others would feel left out! :)

Lorene said...

Too funny...yes we all need to share. LOL

Lorene said...

Sooo glad my picture worked... I was CaliGirlNat above...and that was soooo old... when I first joined. Good to be me again... LOL Thanx for all you post Terry... very inspiring.. hehehe

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Lorene, I know what you mean. I'll post a comment and have a much older book cover up. :) I hope that all these hunks are totally inspiring!!! :)