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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whoever Would Have Thought It Would Come to This!

Courtesy of photographer Jim Reme, who is photographing the books for a feature for Monmouth University's alumni magazine, which is being orchestrated by Michael Maiden, Director of Advancement Publications, here is the updated photo showing the first 9 wolf books released!  Thanks to Jim and Michael!

I often am asked the question, when did you decide to become a writer? 

I've always written stories, always made up stories to share, so being a writer is just part of being me.

It's like asking an artist when they decided to draw. It's in their blood.

The question I guess should be: When did you decide to submit your first work for publication?

Eons ago. Before typewriters were invented. When knights were still slaying dragons. When the Crusades were still going on. And werewolf trials were not a thing of the past.

Okay, not quite that far back, but yes, before personal computers, the Internet, Word Perfect and MicroSoft Word. Before people were running around with tiny handheld phones that didn't have to be attached to the wall to work. 

Which meant? I used the typewriter. Now, admittedly, that was much better than writing on paper with quill and inkwell. But still, mistakes are mistakes and I make a lot while typing. Imagine the benefits of the computer now, compared to before. The ease of moving one section to another with a cut and paste. The ease of deleting a line and reinserting another. The ease of finding words to replace ones I'm using too frequently with a built-in thesaurus. The ability to do spell check without looking it up in a dictionary. Or when I can't even get close to a phrase or properly spelling the word, just do a Google search and voila! That's what it looks like. Google will even tell me: Did you mean???

Of course! That's just what I meant!

I was writing children's stories at first, so it was easier as they weren't as long. But I didn't have the fancy correcto typewriter, just a piece of white tape that I'd stick in while I retyped a word, and the white powder would flake off. So I tried to ensure each page didn't have mistakes, but sometimes...

I did write by hand, by the way. I found it easier sometimes to get scenes down, and rework them before I had to put them on the typewriter and try so hard not to make any mistakes. Did any of you take typing up in school?

I hated it, yet I was always glad that I had taken it because it truly did help over the hunt and peck method my grandfather used. :) Although I have to admit he had two of the fastest fingers on the west coast.

I did cut and paste when I was using the typewriter, by the way. I'd type my pages and literally cut and tape my sentences to a blank piece of paper when I wanted them to be in a different order. Then I'd type the whole story over again.

So when the personal computers happened???

No, I didn't immediately begin to work on a story. I was still working on teddy bears, earning awards, and my first thought was I wanted to get them on the Internet. I wanted to share them with the world. So I did!

And I found computer role-playing games. I was still raising two little kids and homeschooling them and working at the US Army Reserves, so I wasn't idle. And then?

Divorce happened. 

And that was the catalyst that changed my whole world. The first weekend my kids went to stay with their father was the first day that I began my real writing journey. I began to write a western historical romance and two years later, I stopped writing when my father died, but after publishing his 13th Mission about his WWII bombing mission when he was shot down and held prisoner by the Germans for 16 months in the EX-POW Bulletin, I never stopped writing.

Which brings me to today.

I think back to when I was working on active duty at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey as a personnel officer, working on my advanced course in personnel by mail and taking classes at Monmouth University to earn my Masters in Business Administration and how I had no time except to do assignments and work and go to school, and play with my adopted kitten.

If someone had asked me then if I was planning on writing a book...a dozen books...a couple of dozen books, more...I would have smiled and thought they were crazy.

I have nearly 50 books either published/self-published/or works-in-progress.

I tell myself: You've come a long way, baby! 

Here's a little inspiration for you--hot military man in a salute to the flag. Think he's one of the gang in A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing? I think he's getting ready to shift.

Have a super Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

I don't know about you, Terry, but I am SO glad I couldn't see my future, or I would have quit. I like where I am, I like who I am, but it was a darn struggle to get here. And you, my lady, have lived and earned every wonderful thing that's happened to you, and I am so glad that your star is shining so bright and beautifully! Love your work, love your spirit, and love your willingness to put it all out there to share!
May blessings pour upon you and yours for eternity, and may your muse continue to keep us in the lovely worlds of joy you provide!
Gena Robertson

Phyllis M said...

Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your story with us Terry. It's a wonder where the strength comes from to push us on in the face of heartache to achieve our hearts desire. You have accomplished so very much in your life and should be very proud of each of them. I love your stories and look forward to reading many more, and your bears are precious. Hopefully I will be able to get myself one someday soon. I have a small collection. Have a wonderful day! Phyllis

diva donna said...

I think Gena just said it all and so wonderfully. I second that!!!!! Take a deep breathe and smile a big wolfie grin, enjoy all the accolades.

Jessica said...

See Terry, we believe in you and appriciate your efforts. Most people who are over night sensations have worked their tushies off for years. But like the old saying goes, Good thinks come to those who wait! Of course you have to work hard while waiting, but that's something "they" don't want to get around. Happy Day Terry and let us hope for many more!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Gena!! What lovely sentiments!!! Everything you said made me smile after a rough day at work!

I think that what we go through can make us stronger, and I think it's important to look at the good side of things, no matter how dark they may be. It's been really tough at times...I can't deny that...thanks so much for loving my work!!! It means so very much to me! Thanks again!

Phyllis, thanks so much! I've never before shared what prompted me to begin writing romance. For me, I had to have my world turned upside down, just like a heroine in one of my books, before I could find my way to really doing something with my life that was me. :) Thanks so much for loving my stories as much as I love writing for you! And I hope you can get a bear for yourself one of these days. I just picked up a fur that is like...well, it looked like a mink kind of fur. I just had to have it!

Thanks, Donna! I'm smiling a very big wolfish grin and will be sporting a toothy jaguar's grin from time to time too! I was looking for a leopard scarf to wear for fall signings!

Oh, Jessica, I so agree. I always thought of Nora Roberts and all her success, but I never wanted to "be her" or any other really successful person because we never know what they've really gone through in their lives to get where they are. And there were definitely times when I thought I wasn't ever going to make any headway in the writing world. I'm so glad you all love my stories!

Thanks so very much!!!