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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photos, Reviews and Guest Blogs, Oh My!

This is a photo of the first 7 wolf books courtesy of photographer Jim Reme, who is photographing the books for a feature for Monmouth University's alumni magazine, which is being orchestrated by Michael Maiden, Director of Advancement Publications.  Thanks to Jim and Michael for sharing the photo with me so that I can share it with my readers!

See, I always wanted to have library shelves of my books like Nora Roberts and though it'll take years to catch up...I've got a start! :) 

And this is from United by Books Reviewer, Lindsey Hutchison! 

My Thoughts: Meara can't get rid of her over protective Navy SEAL brother soon enough. She is mate hunting and won’t be under his thumb. Meara sets up the mate hunting plan by placing an ad that tells the Alpha males to come check into her cabins. As she is scouting them out in hopes of finding a mate, her brother, off on his honeymoon, will never be wiser or so she thinks. 

Finn Emerson comes to warn them about attacks on the SEAL team and sees the ad. He decides that he will be there to protect and watch Meara while Hunter is away. Finn pretends to “claim her " as a mate and spreads his scent to warn off others. A body washes up near Meara's cabin making Finn think she is definitely the target the assassin is after. So he takes her to a "safe house" and that is where the passion ignites. The flames of desire are stoked high until there is nothing you can do, but enjoy and let it burn.
Ok let me start with saying I love Terry Spear's wolves. I picked up “Destiny of a Wolf” a few years ago, then had to buy the whole series. This story caught me from beginning until the end. I loved Meara with her take no BS, Alpha in her own right personality. You have to love a woman who can hold her own against a man. With a feisty attitude and backbone, not to mention a rifle under her bed, she can bring an Alpha SEAL to his knees. Finn had me swooning. I love and I mean LOVE Alpha men and Finn is that in spades. Finn and Meara struggle with their growing attraction, but the kisses between them, heat up and the foreplay, without the actual mating, sizzles. Spears definitely threw me for a loop in the end of the story. I was like ‘Really? I had no idea.’ and ‘Wasn't expecting that‘. Needless to say, it was a great surprise, since I thought I had it all figured out. I definitely loved this book. From the chemistry between the characters to the intrigue it leads up to, not to mention the slow building yet sizzling romance between Finn and Meara, I was not wanting it to end. It left me almost pleading for more. I know one guy I want to see more of is Bjornolf! Spear you did it to me again. I am in love with the wolf world you created and wouldn't mind an Alpha SEAL wolf of my own.

5 out of 5 Stars

Thanks so much, Lindsey! You can't know how much it means to me when readers think they have it all figured out and don't! :) I love it! An author can always hope that's what will happen, but we can't ever be for sure. :) I loved your review! Thanks again!!!

Today I'm at Under the Covers Book Blog where I'm talking about Sex and the SEAL. Now, I thought it was important to talk about undercover operations when writing a guest blog for Under the Covers Book Blog, right? But I wanted to share something about the romance element and what I saw in New Orleans that wasn't what we write! :) It's more about what's pictured between the two kittens. Love. :)

So if you have a moment, please join me and say hi! :) 

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


diva donna said...

Pictures tell the story. You've a nice shelf. Well actually I have you in two climate controlled drawers, free of dust. At least your books are still fresh and they still have bite. Even if they might sneak up and bite you in the backside sometimes. I understand what your reviewer means when she said: "Spears definitely threw me for a loop in the end of the story. I was like ‘Really? I had no idea.’ and ‘Wasn't expecting that‘." CHOMP!!

Elf2060 said...

Great picture! Congrats on starting to fill up the shelf...and with such good lokking books as well! (0; Beautiful books!

Michelle H. said...

Loved your blog post on "Under the Covers" today.
Congrats on your "bookshelf" progress. They're all fabulous books...which is why they're all sitting on my bookshelf, too!

Terry Spear said...

LOL, Donna! A high school English teacher told me that my humor did that too her. She wrote more slapstick. Mine's more subtle. And she said that my humor would sneak up behind her and bite her in the back when she was least expecting it. I thought that was cute!

Wow, thanks for taking care of our wolves in such a protective way. They'll love you for it!!! :)

Elf, thanks so much! Those covers are beautiful and make me proud to be writing for Sourcebooks! I love your big cat picture! Is it a leopard?

Thanks so much, Michelle! I came home from New Orleans and hadn't realized I hadn't written the post, but after what I had experienced, I thought it was perfect! Thanks for having my wolves on your self too!!! It's like one big happy wolf pack!

lindsey hutchison @ United By Books said...

haha you did throw me there not sure how i didnt see it coming but i loved it! Thanks so much for letting me review your book

Terry Spear said...

I'm thrilled you loved it, Lindsey! I've been having Internet problems! Storms!!!