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Monday, November 28, 2011

Do You Set Goals???

I  have to if I'm ever to get everything done in a day, or weekend, or whatever time I have off. I planned to get 3 guest blogs done and an interview and make up the confetti bear, and watch a movie that I need to return to the library today. I accomplished all but 1 of the blogs, though I did 3 others. But the one needs to be done soon. I still need to get the bear ready to ship once I find a box.

One of the great ways to motivate yourself to accomplish goals is to have a deadline. A ticking time bomb, if you will. :) Sometimes self-imposed deadlines work, like getting so much writing done in a weekend. But with these, they all have real deadlines.

 I don't like to procrastinate because you know what happens when you procrastinate?

You forget.
You have tons of other stuff that you have to do that come up.
And sometimes, a girl's just gotta have fun. (like watching the move...though I must say I was working on the bear while I watched the movie. Multi-tasking is also important!) :)

So I'm off to another awful Monday. We're going to be short-handed again, so what's new....

And it's FREEZING outside...well, and inside too! :)

Hope you have a delightful Monday!!! I'm trying to think of hot wolves and a cozy fire in the hearth, the fragrance of cinnamon wafting in the air...and all that good stuff!

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Jessica said...

Nope! Every time I set goals, achivable ones at that, something always comes up and throws a wrench in the works. So, for the most part, I wing it! Most of the time it works out for the best, if not, oh well, better luck next time. Have a good day Terry, hope you had a great Turkey day!!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Winging it...I have to do that sometimes, because, heaven forbid, sometimes I forget I've signed up for a blog and get a note--Hey! Did you remember....??? Uhm, no, sorry. And then it's a rush job!

I fixed a 6 1b turkey on Friday and am still feasting! Yum!!

diva donna said...

Goals and deadlines? I try!! I'm still in my robe waiting for the noon time chimes from our Clock Bell tower to start playing. I do have things to do. So I'm removing myself from this chair and get to it. Good Luck to you to get those blogs done before you freeze your fanny. Have a good day in the Library too.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Still in your bathrobe! That's not fair! Oh, uhm, well, maybe you had some wolfish company. That's even more not fair! :)

I think I need to write more on Tom's story. It's cold and snowy there. I can empathize. :)