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Friday, April 01, 2011

Pets in Stories?

Have you ever read a story where a pet takes over a story? Or really adds to the story? Makes the characters more ... human?

Who would have ever thought wolves would have pets?

But there are numerous cases where predator and prey live happily together. :)

These big sleepy canines are Irish Wolfhounds and they actually killed wolves, not the other way around. But in Heart of the Highland Wolf, they're the MacNeill clan's pets. Why?

Those who had more money could afford to have hunting dogs in days of old. In this case, the Irish used wolfhounds to unseat English knights from their horses.

Since the MacNeills started out in Ireland, that was the reason for their having the wolfhounds. But through the ages, they've always been the best of companions.

It's already April 1st, no fooling, and June is just around the corner! Get ready for hunky Highland wolves!!! :)

Hope you have a delightful TGIF. I'm going to try and get some new tires on my car today before I have none on the highway...and have lunch with an author friend. But for now? It's time to get back to big jungle cats!

So what kind of pet would a jaguar cat have???

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


Jessica said...

I love the new picture on your blog. They are soooo cute!!!!

And yes, pets are great in stories. Sometimes they are more interesting than the characters (I know that would never happen in one of your books!)!

Did you know that at one time only Royalty could posess a Wolfhound or a Deerhound? I'm glad that's not so these days. I've heard they are wonderful pets, even if they can sometimes be couch potatoes...lol Hope you have a big couch!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Jessica, they are so adorable!

:) LOL, they should make the characters even more loveable. :)

Yes, I knew that was the case. It was like some fabrics, and color of fabrics (purple--could only be for royalty), and the volume of the fabric could only be for the wealthier classes. Not just because it cost more, but lower classes weren't allowed to have such voluminous gowns and the like. :(

Stephanie Shaw said...

I haven't read may stories where werewolves have dogs, but I have read where they have a cat. Odd turn about if you ask me. lol I suppose the dogs are generally more domineering than cats anyhow.

I'm thinking a jaguar would have an exotic bird or a small monkey. Those would be indigenous to his habitat. He could even have a lemur. I want a lemur. lol

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

The jaguars are in the Amazon visiting, but they're from Texas. Although they could have an exotic bird as a pet still. I'll have to think about it. :)