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Monday, April 04, 2011

My Daughter Got it!

My daughter received one of the internships at the VA in Houston! That means she'll have a job and earn a masters at the same time. I knew she'd get it as much as she's worked in the nutrition field as a volunteer and as good as her grades are at Baylor, but it's official! She's got it!

The only bad part is she'll be leaving in August. So we have to do some fun things before that happens, after she finishes her bachelor's in May. She's too busy with tests otherwise.

And my future son-in-law helped me to figure out Photo Shop and some brushes that I installed, so that's been fun--that's for reworking some book covers I've made or bought and can spruce up a bit.

From this....

To this....

And I've made a dent in my word count for this week on Heart of the Jaguar! Nearly 13,000 words! I need another 7,000 for this weekend.

But, I didn't get to my flowerbeds. It's a sad story really. I tried. I was going to soak them with water so I could more easily pull up the weeds and you know what happened? My hose had a million holes in it!!!

Then I was trying to come back inside and found hornets building a nest right over the door and so I went to get bug spray, of course the wind was blowing in the door and so it's all coming back on me, but then I look at the can and it's mosquito fogger. Huh? Where's the hornet spray?

So I find that and spray the nest and the hornets and ... that was the end of my great day of weeding! LOL

But I did write and that was important too!

Ever have one of those days???

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diva donna said...

WOW, The covers look really nice. Photoshop works wonders I guess. I'm happy for your daughter, She Got it. But I guess we have to take the good with the bad. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend and my son yesterday. But the bad news, his ex wife came and took their dog to her new place. So the house seemed so empty without the sound of Clutches Toenails hitting the wood floors while he always danced around me. But he'll have a new yard and probably more company. Ryan works so many hours away and didn't have much time to spend walking him and so I guess it's better for the dog. And I'm getting my yard watered today. It's raining, no it's snowing. But I seen my tulips up yesterday. This will pass. Great news on the word count, not the hornets. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Donna! I love learning new stuff. Although I'm still having a time downloading brushes.

That's sad about the dog, but on the other hand, understandable if he doesn't have really big yard. I feel for you though as far as missing him.

We're having rain also..and violent winds and thunder....Tulips, sounds great!

Hope you have a lovely Monday. When I work Saturday, Monday's come too quickly!

Rosalie Lario said...

Congrats to you daughter, and the changes to the covers are fab. :-)

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Rosalie! She was on the moon last night! And thanks on the covers! I'm having so much fun with them!

Witchy Woman said...

Wow...guess PhotoShop really does make a difference.

Congratulations are in order for your daughter! Goals are very important; when one accomplishes them-there's no greater feeling.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Witchy Woman! It's fun playing around with them. It's hard to decide and quit playing, though. LOL :)

She had a terrific goal and worked really hard to get there! So I'm really proud of her. :)